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Privacy Policy

This policy was created to disclose to you what type of information we may collect, how we may collect and utilize it, and with whom we may share it with.  We will also provide you with additional information that should help you protect your security both while using the Service and navigating to other web links.  Please take the time to read the privacy policy as you have options regarding the information collected and how it is used.

We take your privacy seriously. Because we gather certain types of information about our users, we want to help you understand the terms and conditions surrounding the collection and use of that information. This privacy statement discloses the types of information we gather, how we use it, and how to correct or change it.


Information that appears on this site is for educational or informational purposes only. Though we attempt to provide accurate and timely information on this site, updates and corrections can be made only as allowed by available time and resources. The accuracy and timeliness of the information on this site cannot be guaranteed.

Although care has been taken in preparing the information contained in this site, all material that is provided here or may be reached by using this site as a starting point is supplied “as is” without warranty of quality, accuracy, non-infringement, or any other kind. La.org.au and Liberty Australia disclaims all warranties with respect to the information on this site, including all implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement, and for the performance of the site.
Neither Liberty Australia nor any author or supplier accepts or will accept any liability for any alleged losses or damages incurred in reliance on the information contained in this site, regardless of whether someone has advised us of the possibility of such damages or loss and/or someone has informed us of a problem with the site or its content. You use the site at your own risk. You assume full responsibility for using the information on this site. In no event shall Liberty Australia or any author or supplier be liable for direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental, consequential or any other damages arising out of your access to this site or any link that we provide to another site.


  • Personal information such as user IDs, passwords, names, email addresses, telephone numbers, birth dates, and payment information may be collected and stored upon sign-up.  We strongly recommend that you keep passwords unique from other identifiers such as user ID to help protect your privacy. 
  • Site usage information of both registered Users and non-registered users of varying nature may be collected.  For example, we may collect information based on the links visited in our site or frequency of visits to enhance features of interest.  We may also collect dynamic IP addresses to help track the links of Liberty Australia that you may choose during a session.  This type of automatic information we collect may include, without limitation, such information as the page served, time, source of the request, type of browser making the request, preceding page view and other such information.
  • Disclosure of Information to Third Parties: Liberty Australia does not sell or exchange information about your individual visits to this site or any information you may give us about yourself, such as your name, address, email address, or telephone number, to third parties. 
  • Liberty Australia’s Use of Information To Communicate With You: Liberty Australia uses the personal information that you submit through this site, such as your home address and your email address, for fund-raising and informational purposes and may send you emails or postal mailings asking for your financial support or to update you on upcoming articles, events or initiatives. If you do not want Liberty Australia to use any information that you provide to us through the web site to communicate back to you for fund-raising or for any other purpose, you must expressly say so in any submission that you send to Liberty Australia. Unless you inform Liberty Australia in each submission that you do not wish to receive any communication back Liberty Australia for any purpose, Liberty Australia will assume that it may use the personal information that you provide to Liberty Australia for Liberty Australia to send you emails, postal mailings or other communications. 
  • Letters and Emails: Liberty Australia will not publish on its site or elsewhere any email or letter to it that is marked “not for publication.” Any email or letter that you send to Liberty Australia which does not state that it is not for publication may be published by Liberty Australia on its blog or elsewhere. 
  • Other Sites: This privacy policy applies only to Liberty Australia, and does not govern any other site to which this site is linked. Liberty Australia does not have any responsibility for or control over the use that any linked site may make of any information about yourself that you may submit to a linked site. Your use of the Liberty Australia’s site to link to other sites is at your own risk. You should review the privacy policy of any website that you visit from a link on our website before you continue use of that website including, but not limited to, disclosing your personal information. 
  • Liberty Australia is not responsible for and have no control over the contents of or information provided in the sites linked to or accessible from this site. Your linking to any other site is at your own risk, and we accept no liability for the contents, accuracy or currency of sites that link to this one or to which we link from this site. Liberty Australia does not endorse any linked site or have any legal affiliation with any operators of linked sites. Liberty Australia is not responsible for any transmission you receive from any linked site or for any record that a linked site may have of your use of it, nor does Liberty Australia have any responsibility for any use of such record by a linked site. 

What is Liberty Australia's practice regarding cookies?

Your Internet browser has a feature called cookies, which stores small amounts of data on your computer about your visit to our site. You do not need to have cookies turned on to visit our site, although active participation in certain areas of our sites may require cookies. Cookies alone tell us nothing about who you are unless you specifically give us personally identifiable information, in which case we use the information to enhance your services in the ways described below. By adjusting your settings on your browser, you may elect not to allow cookies to be collected.

We use cookies and tracking technologies in a variety of ways, including:
•    Tracking referrals;
•    Determining which features our overall forum user population likes best;
•    Saving your password so you don't have to re-enter it each time you visit our sites.

How may Liberty Australia use the information?

We may use the information described in the previous sections through various methods, including but not limited to:

  • Updates or changes to your membership, including User and contact information may require communications to you as well as updates to our database.
  • New user registration is confirmed through information you provide.
  • Site usage information is an important tool to improve the Service in various ways including changes to the layout and addition or deletion of features.
  • User information also allows us to monitor the use of the service’s forums, message boards, chat rooms, and other areas requiring User input to protect other Users and ensure compliance with the Terms of Service.
  • To enhance the user experience in our site. We use tracking information to determine how well each page performs overall based on aggregate user demographics and traffic patterns to those pages. This helps us continue to build a better Service for you;
  • To fulfill your requests for certain products and services, such as sending out electronic newsletters and enabling you to participate in polls, contests, and message boards.

Privacy in forums, message boards and chat rooms

The service includes forums, message boards, and chat rooms to its Users for informational, education and entertainment purposes.  We strongly recommend that Users do not share any personal information when using these areas.  Please be aware that Liberty Australia does not guarantee security of any personal information made public through forums, message boards, and chat rooms should you choose to do so.  Liberty Australia also cannot control the use of any personal information provided to the other Users who have access to these services and therefore cannot ensure that said parties will respect your privacy.

What are my options?

Users who would rather not provide any of the user data requested by our registration process do not need to register with us. You can still view much of the content by our site without registering.
We also give users the option to not receive our electronic newsletters when registering.  Users who opt-in to our electronic newsletter may remove themselves from mailing lists at any time through the subscription-management pages or by following the instructions at the end of the e-mail they received from us.

How can I update and review my personal indentifiable information?

You can review, correct, or change the information collected during registration in the user control panel section of Drupal and the forums.  Users may change information at any time and as often as necessary. Users who are experiencing problems with our services or who have questions about how our services work can contact us using e-mail addresses at the bottom of this page.

Privacy policy updates

From time to time, Liberty Australia may modify this policy.  We will notify you of significant changes in the way we treat personal information by sending a notice to the email address(es) associated with your User ID.  We do however encourage you to check this privacy policy from time to time to answer questions related to your personal information.

Effect of account termination

Upon termination of your Liberty Australia account, Liberty Australia will delete all personally identifiable account information and will not maintain any permanent records of any personal information.  This does not include information posted as forum content or on message boards, as such content is in the public domain and is removable at the discretion of Liberty Australia.