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New libertarian magazine to rival 'Time' and 'The Economist'

By Benjamin Marks  
Sun, 08/04/2012 - 3:33am
Sun, 08/04/2012 - 3:33am

Hong Kong’s Lion Rock Institute has just published a new international magazine that is so radical that even The Lion Rock Institute itself, one of the most radical free-market advocacy institutions in the world, says that the views expressed in the magazine do not necessarily reflect their own. But, wow, they have done a great job putting it together.

It is called Capitalism.HK, which is both the name of the print journal and the domain name of its website, where you can explore the content for free(!) before subscribing to the print edition for only AUS$60 a year.

The opening editorial justifies the title and the magazine:

Capitalism.HK will defend Hong Kong, the capital of capitalism, against the “peer” pressure of the less free Western world, which immature Hong Kong politicians are already succumbing to; and then bite back and pressure big-government Western countries, like the United States and Australia, into following Hong Kong’s success.

Published in Hong Kong, Capitalism.HK has international columnists and readership, same as The Economist and Time Magazine, but without their political populism and dumbed down economics.

We aim to be the Hong Kong of magazines. A haven where we are safe from the jillions of jingoistic journalists who see democracy as the solution to all problems; whereas we see it as the philosophy of the pack hunt, the lynch mob and the gang rape.

The subtitle of Capitalism.HK is: “The wise person’s Time Magazine; the literate person’s Economist”. Note how beautifully politically correct the term “person” is, when historically the idiom has always been “the wise man’s …” It is a pity that women are increasingly reading those publications, especially certain feminists. So I didn’t want to offend them. Capitalism.HK is very politically correct.

As you can read all of the opening editorial and indeed the entire content online, I will not talk more about them here. Please visit Capitalism.HK, even just to see the front cover, which features a 1975 composition by the greatest living artist in the world, Lewis Morley, which has never been recorded or republished before. The front cover itself is a massive scoop! And that’s only talking about the background image on the front cover. The front cover also lists the scandalous centrefold for this issue and a story on “How Ron Paul Will Become President” by Murray Rothbard, which was not even considered sensational enough to be the cover story! What is the cover story? Find out for yourself.

This is the magazine that invading armies will burn without even a stage-managed apology. This is the magazine, the flyer, that freedom-fighters will be dropping from helicopters to win the hearts and minds of those living under such tyrants as Obama, Cameron, Gillard, etc. This is the magazine that makes WikiLeaks look like cowards with no interest in striking at the root of human rights abuses. This is the magazine that will finally justify the increase in literacy rates over the past 100 years.

Please subscribe, give gift-subscriptions to your friends, families and enemies, and get your local and university libraries to subscribe. It is the first edition, making it a special collector’s edition; it is an investment, not a consumer good; an artwork, not a throwaway. It is something a big government man like Ronald Reagan would feel too ashamed to read.

We are currently in negotiations with distributors to make it available in Australian newsagents, but we are having some difficulties because they say they don’t sell investments and artworks in such places. Anyway, in the meantime, shipping is free on AUS-NZ subscriptions.

You will be relieved to know that money from AUS-NZ subscriptions goes to me, not to evil foreign capitalists.

Thanks for your support. Feel free to ask any questions, or write any critical letters-to-the-editor for inclusion in the second issue.