• We shall not take from the mouth of labour, the bread which it has earned. - Thomas Jefferson

Nanny state madness on Perth beach

No kites, no holes as council cracks down on Perth's most famous beach

Under a proposal to be considered by the Town of Cottesloe for Perth's most popular beach, 60 extra clauses would be added to the council's beach law, banning a total of 100 listed activities at the famous beach. 

If the proposal is passed, the new rules could see alcohol, glass bottles and containers banned. It will also be illegal to dive off the popular Cottesloe pylon, drop cigarette butts, use toy vehicles and erect umbrellas bigger than three square metres.

Under Cottesloe's proposals taking commercial photographs without a permit, obstructing steps and pathways, and wasting water by leaving taps running, would also be prohibited. Fines would range from $100 to $500.

It's truly a miracle that any of us are even alive today... 

How did we as a species survive in the absence of the oh-so-wise and foresightful Nanny State 'guiding' us each step of the way?