• Evil always wins through the strength of its splendid dupes. - G. K. Chesterton

Gun Control

Anti-Gun Agenda: Liberals are as bad as Labor

I have heard Tony Abbott, on numerous occasions, touting the Howard Government's draconian, victim disarmament gun confiscations as wonderful achievements.

Recently he has also railed against illegally imported guns used in crime. Well perhaps if the Australian people were not coerced out of owning a gun for the purpose of protecting their families and businesses, the criminals would think twice before doing what they do.

A well-armed population of morally sound citizens, is not a healthy environment for crime.

It appears though, that both the major parties want the criminals to have the guns, and the law-abiding citizen disarmed. That is, after all, the real effect of gun control.

People need to start realising that the Liberal Party will not save them from Labor-Green totalitarianism.

This is a party who has appointed leaders like ETS-obsessive Malcolm Turnbull, "Red Ted" Baillieu and Barry O'Farrell, who just gave away $15 million to fund the "arts" ... i.e. people dressing in pink and putting rubbish bins on their heads.

The Liberals exist simply to provide the Australian people with a feckless and impotent vehicle of disatisfaction with Labor's extreme statism.



Guns kill evil people

Yet again, the Australian media is demonising gun-ownership by portraying Americans as "gun nuts".


The reality is, without guns, a population is utterly useless in defending themselves against the government over-reach that is so historically ubiquitous, and continues today, albeit more veiled.

When you ban guns, you don't actually remove guns completely. You simply leave guns in the hands of two groups, criminals and the government (I suppose "criminals" would've covered both).

The reality is that it is YOU, the Australian people, are the "nuts", for so cowardly and gullibly allowing your government (working with the United Nations) to take away your right to defend your families and homes from both criminals and governments (both domestic and foreign).

This is one of the very few things that makes me ashamed of my country.