• I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it.                                                                            - Thomas Jefferson

Journal of Peace, Prosperity & Freedom


The Journal of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom's promotes the development and extension of Austrian economics and libertarianism, with a focus on Australia. The journal encourages submissions that eschew technical jargon and are accessible to the layperson while simultaneously providing value to the specialist reader. All aspects of the social sciences - from economics, to political science, sociology and more - are welcome. All research articles and commentaries are subject to peer-review; book reviews are not.

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Vol 1 - 2012
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Volume 1 (2012)


The State - Errors of Classical Liberalism


Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Natural Law and the Libertarian Society

Ben O'Neill

Secession as Political Reform: The Case of Western Australia

Sukrit Sabhlok

Mises' Apriorism: Tautology or Theory of Praxis?

Cade Share

Individual Freedom, International Trade and International Conflict

Alex Robson

McDonaldization: An Analysis of George Ritzer's Theories and Assertions

John Engle

The Years since 9/11: What Hath Our Rulers Wrought?

Chris Leithner

Book Reviews

The Evil Princes of Martin Place

Liberty Defined (Ron Paul)

Beyond Politics (Randy Simmons)

The Frankenstein Candidate (Vinay Kolhatkar)

Trust Your Enemies (Mark Tier)


Steve Kates

Mark Hornshaw

Luke McGrath

Sukrit Sabhlok

Marc Lerner