• Nothing should be extorted on the pretense that it will be used for good purposes afterwards. - Nicholas Oresme (Circa 1350)


Liberty Australia was formed in 2008 to further the ideas of libertarianism and Austrian economics. We provide articles, books, video and audio in defense of freedom in Australia. We are the only organisation to consistently advocate free-markets without compromise. Other organizations have tried for decades to shrink the size of government, but their approach has failed. The State has continued to grow and taxes have continued to impose burdens on the Australian people.

With your help we can expand our organisation and improve our website. We would greatly appreciate a contribution to help us finance a variety of exciting projects that we have planned.

Currently we accept contributions via both bank deposit and PayPal, however you don't need a PayPal account to contribute through PayPal, and credit cards can be used.

A monthly recurring contribution is the easiest way to ensure that your support is ongoing. We also gratefully accept gifts of stock and other assets. Contact us for more information.

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Bank: National Australia Bank
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