The Australian Mises Seminar 2011

Playlist of Entire Seminar

As the Western world reeled from the effects of the Global Financial Crisis, a group of Australians gathered in Sydney to make sense of it all.

The Australian Mises Seminar is a celebration of all that made Australia great - free markets, peace, and individual liberty. Attending the inaugural event were 120 vibrant members of the remnant.

The Seminar featured a line-up of renowned speakers, including Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe, whose ideas about the role of government changed forever the way many think about politics.

This historic seminar put forward a sorely needed perspective not available from mainstream political parties or establishment think-tanks and universities.

Ten other thought-provoking Austro-Libertarian speakers presented on various entertaining and contemporaneous topics which can be seen below in the beautiful seminar programme.



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Photos from the Seminar



Programme from the Seminar

2011 Mises Seminar Programme by Liberty Australia


News and Reviews:

Articles about the 2011 Mises Seminar include:

  1. Mises Seminar - Australia by Stephan Kinsella, The Libertarian Standard

  2. The Three Epoch-Making Events of the Modern Libertarian Movement

  3. Why the 2012 double Nobel laureate is coming to Sydney

  4. Exclusive Oliver Marc Hartwich Interview on Hans-Hermann Hoppe

  5. A Critique of the Opening Two Sentences of the “About CIS” Page on The Centre for Independent Studies’ website,

  6. An invitation for ANDEV members to the Mises Seminar

  7. Australian legend, Hans Tholstrup, is going to the Mises Seminar

  8. Sukrit Sabhlok interviews Mark Tier

Reviews of the 2011 Mises Seminar include:

  1. Nickolai Hubble, “Where There’s Smoke, There’s Libertarians,” The Daily Reckoning Australia, December 3, 2011.

  2. Justin Jefferson on The Mises Seminar

  3. Hoppe’s Inarticulate Australian Critics: The Hon Dr Peter Phelps, Dr Steven Kates and James Paterson

  4. Sideshow to Dr Steven Kates’ criticism of the Mises Seminar: Davidson vs Hoppe on Adam Smith